Ben Youngs
Leicester Tigers & England scrum half

Gary was our Sports masseur when i was with England U20’s. I didn’t have to spend too much time with the team physio concerning soft tissue issues because of all Gary’s good work. He was always fully aware of every players needs and past soft tissue injuries and he made sure that these didn’t come up again.

During the Junior World Cup it’s a 5 game tournament in only three weeks therefore managing all the players is key, and this is what Gary did very well as part of the very professional medical team we had. He always made the physio room great fun and always put the players welfare first. I would highly recommend Gary’s services to anyone. 

Joe Launchbury
Wasps & England U20's

Gary played a huge role in getting me on the pitch and keeping me on it during the 2010/11 6 Nations and Junior World Cup competitions. His dedication and commitment to treating my hip issue was second to none and I owe him a huge amount. The pleasure he showed in seeing me get back out on the pitch highlights his dedication to helping his clients. I would recommend Gary to anyone in need of any sports or remedial injury treatment.

Pat Sanderson
Worcester Warriors and England

In the last two years while playing for the Worcester Warriors I have had regular treatments with Gary at the Club, as have all the other players. We continue to benefit from his expertise and I would highly recommend him to anyone with a sporting injury.

Bob Stewart
Director of Sports Medicine Gloucester Rugby Club and British Lions Physiotherapist

When I was head physio at Worcester Warriors, Gary regularly attended to the needs of our 1st Team squad with professionalism and enthusiasm. He provides a first class service to our players and understands the role of massage in game preparation, recovery and injury management. I would not hesitate to recommend his services whatever your requirements.

Steve Edwards
Elete Marathon Athlete

Every athlete knows that success is not solely attributable to the individual but also to the backup team around them. In my sport of extreme marathon running where I'm racing over 26 miles most weekends, it's imperative that I can recover as best as possible between events. In that regard, Gary has played a key part in helping to keep my aging body in top shape such that I've been able to compete and set new records in marathon endurance that include running the fastest 10 marathons in 10 days and achieving the fastest average time for running 500 marathons. 
Over the last number of years, I've used Gary's services on a regular basis, not just in terms of hands on effective sports massage and treatment, but also help and advice with all sorts of sports related issues such as injury prevention and management. On that basis, I would be extremely confident in recommending Gary to anybody requiring both an effective and professional service.

Lucy Walmsley
Physiotherapy Services

Gary Edwards has been practicing from our Clinic since the summer of 2006, and has built up a regular base of clients in that time.  We have always been more than happy to refer our patients onto him for soft-tissue work. On a personal note, Gary's treatments were an invaluable part of my build up and preparation for the 2005 and 2006 World Triathlon Championships.

Aoife Clark
International three day eventer

Riding and competing lots of horses puts a huge amount of strain on my back and muscles in general. Any tightness or stiffness prevents me from doing my job properly, particularly when competing at top level. Gary has treated me for the last 2 years and has made such a difference to my posture and balance in the saddle, as well as helping me to bounce back from injuries as quickly as possible. I would highly recommend Gary as a top class sports therapist.

Henriette Andersen
International Dressage Rider

My husband Ulrik Molgaard and I have been coming to Gary for the past 3 years on a regular basis. Thanks to Gary neither of us have been out of action as he has been able to catch small things before they become a big problem. We are both Professional dressage riders and back injuries are almost impossible to avoid.

I had a serious shoulder injury a few years ago and Gary did a fantastic job which resulted in me not having to pull out of some major competitions abroad.

Can’t recommend highly enough


Ben Benson

I have been going to Gary for treatment now for approximately 3 years to have my back treated, being a Proactive Farrier in Oxfordshire the riggers that my body has to go through to perform this job is quite substantial. I have had a variety of different types of treatment over my years of working as a farrier, but they never got to the bottom of the problems like Gary has. He has really helped all my postural issues that were being caused by my line of work and this was then having an effect on my ability to work to my best. I now wouldn’t be treated by anyone else, and would advise any current farriers and those entering the profession, to seek Gary’s advice to increase the longevity of their careers.

Alex Doggett
Cotswolds Health and Fitness Club

I have been referring my personal training clients to Gary since 2008 and we have worked closely together to great effect over the years. He has a fantastic reputation for the work he does, and, from personal experience, rightly so. Gary’s knowledge, professionalism and enthusiasm are second to none. I never have any doubts that when recommending my clients to him, they will receive the best possible treatment and advice. 


Sarah Farnsworth
Professional Photographer

I have been treated by Gary for over 5 years now and am so impressed with his work that I won’t go to be treated by anybody else - and can honestly say that Gary is by far the best practitioner I have encountered.

I am a photographer, and that puts certain stresses on my body, particularly my neck & shoulders; heavy cameras take their toll - and Gary’s treatments have been the only treatment that has really dealt with the problem and eased the pain for me. I would certainly recommend him to anyone.

Tony Milvain

For the past few years, I've been going to Gary to great effect!  -  15 years ago, I suffered a major brain stem stroke, resulting in a long period of hospitalisation.  The work that he has done on my paralysed side, he has been done in conjunction with a trainer, especially on my leg, helping with the rehabilitation of the muscles, and then making it flex again - a difficult task after a long period of not being able to move it that well.  This remedial treatment was also done on my arm and hand.  I wish I had known of him earlier in my recovery, as I know that the work he's done so far, has helped me enormously and I would be a lot further forward towards this goal.  Our sessions are fun, with his good sense of humour, helping my mental stimulation and confidence immensely,  yet at the same time there is a gentle and empathetic wealth of knowledge doing me a power of good. -  I would have no qualms in recommending his work to anyone!”

Elizabeth Howliston
Divisional Director

I have suffered with neck/shoulder/upper back pain for approximately 25 years and had all sorts of physiotherapy and chiropractic treatments during that period. Gary was recommended to me by a physiotherapist who thought that a regular sports massage would be beneficial, rather than drastic measures when the pain got too great to bear! Since then, I have been treated by Gary once a month for the last 5+ years and the difference to my mobility and the reduction in pain has been amazing. This preventative approach has made a huge improvement to my daily life. Gary demonstrates real commitment and enthusiasm and I have had no hesitation in recommending him to friends and family, all of whom have also benefited from his treatment

Sally Joynes
Management Accounts Supervisor Huntsmans Quarries Ltd

After receiving my neck and shoulder massage at the office, I could feel the benefits straight away with all the muscles relaxing and my posture at my desk improving greatly.