Acupuncture treatment can ‘fast tracks’ your recovery time, and gets to the point of the problem quicker. If you happen to be sidelined by a sports injury, a fall, or injury to joint or muscles you’re likely to be suffering either one or a combination of the following signs and symptoms:

• Bruising
• Inflammation
• Pain
• Restriction in Range of Movement, to a joint or the soft tissue
• Soft tissue tightness

For sports related and muscle and joint injuries, acupuncture works locally right at the site of the problem. Your body basically has the capacity to ‘produce’ its own natural pain killers, natural anti-inflammatory and anti-stress hormones. Acupuncture stimulates your body to get this moving, thus releasing those natural, in-built body chemical healers, giving you a less pain/more gain sensation, and the ability to get back into sport or work faster. The fact is, the sooner acupuncture treatment starts for certain injuries the less time you’ll need to be sitting on the sidelines or be off work struggling. Once acupuncture treatment is commenced it will work in the following ways to help you bounce right back:

• Lessening the effect of bruising
• Reducing the swelling, inflammation and pain
• Increasing the range of movement of the affected joint whether its fingers, feet, knees, hips, back, neck or shoulders
• Decreasing muscle spasm /tightness
• Reducing pain quite substantially with each treatment by breaking the pain/spasm cycle.
• Cutting healing time dramatically by improving blood supply to the affected area and dispersing swelling.
• Acupuncture can also provide an extra aid in healing when used in conjunction with other treatments such as massage and kinesio-taping.

To do all of this, acupuncture treatment recreates and maintains the natural free flow of energy through all the muscles, blood vessels and vital organs of the body. So you can get back on your feet faster and either get back to work, training or competition, faster.